Good Morning, Midnight

Emily Dickinson wrote many of her poems in a hymn-like form - with four line stanzas, rhyming schemes, and meter.  In her poem "Good Morning, Midnight" her words "sing" in the form of The Blues.  What she says and how…


I am always encouraged and rejuvenated after reading this poem.  To me it extols creative expression in poetry, music, and the visual arts. It communicates a refreshing attitude toward life. I dwell in Possibility --
A fairer House than Prose…

The Saddest Music Ever Written

That title caught my eye.  Yes, it refers to Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings. Certainly, anyone compiling a "top ten" list would have to include this piece at or near the top.  But what is it about this music…

"For Eileen"

My mother celebrated her 90th birthday recently.  Those family members who could came and ate and laughed and retold the timeless stories that never seem to age.  And neither does my mother.  "For Eileen" is based on a song written…

The Healing Power of Music

 "Music is a therapy. It is a communication far more powerful than words, far more immediate, far more efficient."  
Yehudi Menuhin's observation attests to the healing power of music.  
Pianist Greg Howlett has published a web site - healing

Coast the Wind

Hart Crane's images in this poem are so vivid and true.  I suspect the song and the bird in the first stanza inspired me when writing "Coast the Wind."
  Forgetfulness is like a song
That, freed from beat and measure,