My musical bio...edited and abridged

James Gaertner - Composer and Pianist...a little bit about myself...

 There are two sides to my musical story - Production and Performance.

On the Production side, I work through a company I co-own with Mac Martin called Incredible Productions.  The company produces music, live shows, and events primarily for corporations and business associations. Through the years I have written industrial shows, soundtracks, and songs for business applications; arranged song and dance production numbers; produced and recorded music tracks with ensembles of all sizes; music directed and conducted custom shows...and I've kept the books!

On the Performance side, since my school days I have always enjoyed accompanying artists and playing with musicians in ensembles. And so professionally I have been privileged to work with world class musicians in the recording studio, on the stage for concerts, and in the pit for National Touring Shows. Playing with these amazing gals and guys, reveling in the sound firsthand, experiencing the musical's all the high I've ever needed!

Now, after years as a "worker bee" in the industry, I've come out of the "work for hire" shell and write and record music for its own sake.  This is personal music expressing feelings, thoughts, or experiences at a particular time.  Five contemporary solo piano albums - ReflectionsPiano SketchesPiano Impressions, Musical This & That, and recently, Simply Piano - are the result. Thanks for listening.