In an Unpredictable World...

In Music and the Mind, psychiatrist Anthony Storr explores the power of music to stimulate the mind, captivate the heart, and nurture the soul.  He writes, "Music exalts life, enhances life, and gives it meaning...For those who love it, it remains a fixed point of reference in an unpredictable world.  Music is a source or reconciliation, exhilaration, and hope which never fails."

Musicians and ensembles of all kinds throughout the world have risen to the challenges imposed by this pandemic and have kept this "fixed point of reference" and source of hope fresh and alive.  If you are a musician, you are driven to do what it is you do - make music.  And so, virtual concerts and streams of live and recent performances abound on the internet.  Two of my favorite sources for these are The Orpheus Chamber Singers located in Dallas and The Cleveland Orchestra. But myriad opportunities exist to experience the magic and calming effect of good music that transcends time in these chaotic times.  I urge you to seek out and support your favorite ensembles and musicians from your preferred musical genre....and keep the music playing!

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