Good Morning, Midnight

Emily Dickinson wrote many of her poems in a hymn-like form - with four line stanzas, rhyming schemes, and meter.  In her poem "Good Morning, Midnight" her words "sing" in the form of The Blues.  What she says and how she says it begs for a musical interpretation.  My piano piece of the same name is my attempt to express her lament.  Now I just need someone to sing it!
Good Morning -- Midnight --
I'm coming Home --
Day -- got tired of Me --
How could I -- of Him?

Sunshine was a sweet place --
I liked to stay --
But Morn -- didn't want me - now --
So - Good night -- Day!

I can look -- can't I --
When the East is Red?
The hills -- have a way -- then --
That puts the heart -- abroad --

Your are not so fair -- Midnight --
I chose -- Day --
But -- please take a little Girl --
He turned away!

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