Having recently completed a road trip replete with the sights and sounds of the great outdoors, nature in all its resplendent beauty, mysterious, healing, and intoxicating, I am reminded of Emily Dickinson's poem and that I, too, do not have the "art to say" and express what I've experienced.

Nature is what see
The hill - afternoon -
Squirrel - Eclipse - the Bumble bee
Nay - Nature is heaven -

Nature is what we hear -
The Bobolink - the Sea -
Thunder - the Cricket -
Nay - Nature is Harmony -

Nature is what we know
Yet have no art to say -
So impotent our Wisdom is
To her Simplicity.

It does not require a road trip to access this ironic simplicity.  It is there in our backyards if we will open our eyes and ears, and pause to notice it.

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